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Download Game PC Alien Shooter 2

Free download game computer that can run on a PC still numerous. I will share two games which I guess is not foreign to his friends. If my friends are already familiar with this game right so do not be think-think, whether to download or not, because most do not know or have seen this game. For those who do not know me at all will be a little bit commentator on the two games. Like the name suggests, this two permaina khsusu to the computer and we need to play the keyboard and mouse as well. Because the two devices very important role while playing. And it is impossible to use one of them. Alien Shooter 2 and Counter Strike Xtreme V5 is the second game. Both had a shooting game, a keyboard to play and manage the vessels, while the mouse to shoot your opponent.

Free download game computer Alien Shooter 2. From the name of the game, we can interpret and get an idea if it displays shooter game hunting aliens. There we as a shooter, there are several ongoing missions that will go through. His enemies are not other gang-alen alen very much at all. Initially only a few aliens, after a fairly long journey, you will find lots of aliens with different shapes. There are easily killed, some are hard to kill. To be comparable with the aliens so much, you should always upgrade your weapons so getting great shots. If not so, you will kualahan face them all. Can you upgrade weapons with the money you collect. Keep you collect a lot of money first so you can buy the best rifle.

Free download game computer Alien Shooter 2 settingannya as if we were on another planet. I wonder how the story, which obviously there is a residence of aliens who are not happy with our arrival. When using weapon, try to control how much ammunition we have fired and the interval between shots. This is a precaution so that when there is an enemy that is hard to beat, we have enough ammunition. Be careful with the drums there, part of which will explode if we shoot. It would be dangerous if we are with the blast, later will decrease the life / blood. Download link is below the image

free download game computer
free download game computer